DonorsChoose Brings Needed Resources to Classrooms

September 29, 2010

Imagine a change to your classroom from one simple item. A voice recorder, for example, allows new language learners to actually hear themselves speaking. This rapidly improves contextual learning and enunciation skills. Despite the clear benefits, the cost of the recorder may be more than you can afford.

You might turn to the nonprofit to help fill the gaps in your classroom resources. In 2009, distributed $17 million by serving as a broker between public school teachers in need of resources and funders who have something to give.

How It Works

Full-time public-school teachers are eligible to submit projects to Volunteer teachers screen the requests for clarity and student focus. Funders go to and select projects based upon location, subject, cost, poverty data, and more. Once a project is fully funded, purchases the resources and ships them directly to the teacher.

Of teachers who post classroom requests on, 70% receive funding and projects costing less than $400 receive funding more than 75% of the time. While teachers can ask for a wide variety of resources, technology, books, and classroom supplies are the categories funded most frequently.

“The best project requests we receive are student-focused requests for materials or resources that will make learning relevant to the students served,” Melanie Duppins, Director of Program Expansion Partnerships, says. has an impressive 245,000 donors, the majority of whom are first-time givers to public schools. Donors are evenly divided among individual citizens, corporations, and foundations and have donated over $57 million since 2000.


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