Digital Wish Matches Classroom Teachers with Expert Volunteers

October 24, 2012

Digital Wish

You’re a K-12 educator with a terrific idea for a classroom project – now what? Consider enlisting the aid of virtual volunteers who can provide expert advice and suggestions. Virtual Volunteer Matching Tool from Digital Wish is connecting classroom teachers with “expert” volunteers by video conference – for free! Volunteers come from large corporations, entrepreneur networks, and science associations. They offer advice on writing, museum preservation, engineering, and even zoo-keeping.

To participate, teachers post their project ideas in the Virtual Volunteer area at Digital Wish. Volunteers post information about their expertise. When the search engine finds a match, the teacher receives an email outlining the profiles of potential volunteers. Volunteers receive newsletters highlighting the latest projects.

This is a great way to enhance your classroom project with the aid of an expert volunteer, and for volunteers to make a significant impact in K-12 education by sharing their skills. Interested? Visit Digital Wish to learn more and submit your project.


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